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An ex-Georgia deputy sheriff was indicted for punching a black man repeatedly

Roderick Walker was brutally attacked by former Georgia sheriff’s deputy Brandon Myers. Almost a year after he was caught on video punching Walker repeatedly in the head, the ex-Clayton County deputy was indicted on Wednesday (Aug. 11) after being charged with battery and violating the oath of office. 

Shortly after video of his interaction with Walker went viral, Myers, who is white, was terminated from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. While arresting Walker, a 26-year-old Black man, the deputy was accused of using “excessive force.” The incident happened on September 11, 2020, when Myers and another deputy, D. Riddick, intercepted a rideshare in which Walker was riding with his girlfriend Juanita Davis and a five-year-old child. 

Officer Riddick pulled over Walker because the taillight on his car was broken, but because he did not wear a seatbelt he asked for his license. Although Walker wasn’t driving the car, he refused to identify himself. Then Riddick allegedly handcuffed Walker, who was allegedly resisting and trying to escape. As Davis filmed the two deputies striking Walker repeatedly into the pavement and kneeling on his neck, blood poured down Walker’s face. 

Walker suffered a mild traumatic injury to his brain as well as swelling in his left eye. During her indictment, the prosecution accuses Myers of intentionally causing Roderick Walker “visible bodily harm that resulted in swelling and abrasions on the head and face.” 

Walker spoke to the media at his attorneys’ office a few days after his bloody arrest. 

“I was afraid,” he reflected. I was afraid for my life and I only pray, I only hope, no one else will be harmed by it. My consciousness has been lost. It was hard for me to breathe. Hopefully it won’t happen to anybody else.” 

Even though Myers has been indicted now, Riddick has never been charged. A few days after the incident, he resigned from the sheriff’s department. 

After the arrest, Walker was charged with battery and obstruction of law enforcement. The grand jury last month declined to indict him. 

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