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B.Morgan shares his panaromic Hip-Hop vision with MUSICHYPEBEAST

Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist B.Morgan’s music career has been in overdrive since 2019. However, B.Morgan understands his musical purpose in life and is committed to the grind. Born in the concrete jungle of Bronx, New York, B.Morgan reflects the strength, grit, and supreme excellence of NYC.  

B.Morgan possesses an unparalleled singing ability and delivery. His lyrical content penetrates hearts and stirs up deep emotions and feelings of inspiration. In addition, B.Morgan’s musical versatility enables his music to contain ultra-mass appeal.  

B.Morgan’s social media audience has doubled over the past 36 months, and his music catalog remains in heavy demand. B.Morgan’s movement is authentic and has no ceiling in 2021.   
Stream B.Morgan’s interview on the WE BUILT DIFFERENT PODCAST below.


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