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“Friendly” of Lauryn Macfarlane captures the imagination

You can listen to Lauryn Macfarlane’s debut single, “Friendly,” from her forthcoming EP just hours ago. She is a Montreal-based country-rock singer-songwriter. 

According to Lauryn, “‘Friendly’ was the result of a writing exercise she embarked on after she realized she could only write sad songs, as she often resorted to songwriting as a form of therapy since childhood. 

As she sat dog-sitting two giant schnauzers, Lauryn composed the song under the impulse to write something “fun and sassy.” Within twenty minutes, the song took shape. A primary obstacle people face is self-doubt. “Friendly” addresses this topic from a lyrical perspective. 

 ’Friendly’ reminds listeners that you must be confident, clear, and to the point if you expect to get what you want. 

In addition to focusing on “Friendly”, Lauryn’s producer/engineer Sam Woywitka, who has worked with Luca Fogale and Half Moon Run, also added layers to the song to let Lauryn’s unique sound shine through. 

After entering the recording studio, Sam lined up a group of talented musicians to play on the track: Isaac Symonds (Half Moon Run), Miska Stein (Patrick Watson), and Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson). We are left with a delicious sonic confection – “Friendly.” 

Born and raised in rural Ontario, Lauryn grew up surrounded by the arts because of her educational system. She’s since performed alongside artists like JJ and The Pillars, Heaps, Kane Miller, and NEFE.   

The throbbing, crunching rhythm of “Friendly” opens on a cavernous bass line. A voice of incredible strength and affluence, suffused with delicate nuances of café Electrique facets and luscious tones. 

With “Friendly,” you get country-rock steeped in the preservatives of rum. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.   

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