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JAO THE ARTIST focuses on longevity and legacy in 2021

It is extremely expensive to pursue your dreams if you want to achieve your aspirations. Family, friends, and sometimes even yourself can think you’re crazy when you see a vision you alone can visualize. It is estimated that only 1% of independent artists become successful in Hip-Hop.   

Burnout, scams, financial exhaustion, or simply giving up usually lead to artists giving up. The world of Hip-Hop lives and dies by this key philosophy, “It Cost to Be the Boss.”    
As an entrepreneur/major record artist, JAO THE ARTIST was born to win and built to last. In his lifelong journey, JAO THE ARTIST has overcome many hurdles and gained many victories. He self-financed his own labels and entertainment imprints and never compromised his integrity.   

Music momentum for JAO THE ARTIST has Organically increased in Cleveland, Ohio, since 2020, garnering attention on the internet in 2021. It takes a specific type of person to pursue the dream unrelentingly, and JAO THE ARTIST is that kind of person. Watch the star of JAO THE ARTIST illuminate in 2021 as the revolution of JAO THE ARTIST gets underway. 

JAO THE ARTIST   is CEO of his own multimedia enterprise, which includes a record label, tv/film division, and more.  JAO THE ARTIST represents the new energy in Hip-Hop and the music fortifies his vision.  JAO THE ARTIST is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.   


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