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Listen to Souls Rest’s new album “COSMONAUTS” and meet the rising Vancouver hip-hop duo.

Unfortunately, the recent past hasn’t been a breeze for musicians across the world. On the bright side, those who persevere do enjoy success. In fact, through their drive and music, they are making life better for everyone else too.  

This holds true for Souls Rest, which is a great duo that aims to mix in some hip-hop with R&B, while adding in the flavor of other popular genres! Quite recently, they released a brand new project called  Cosmonauts, which is an interesting amalgamation of neo-soul, hip-hop, a sprinkle of pop, and R&B. Through this, the duo created a sound that is very characteristic of them, and cannot be confined to a specific category. 

It is always fun to find artists who cannot be put in a box and with the creative drive of Souls Rest’s music, that’s exactly what they bring to the table. For starters, the album takes off with Bad Habit, a particularly groovy beat. By setting the ideal mood, it also offers insights into the duo, telling the listeners what they can expect. With the 90s vibe underlying the beat, listeners may get flashbacks of some awesome Mcs from that decade, particularly since they let their voices seamlessly interplay with one another.  

Another one of their tracks has been labelled “Close Enough,” which is more modern in nature and undoubtedly has a more melodic spin to it, compared to the next track “Cosmonauts,” which is more of old-school hip-hop. While the album is filled with a plethora of great cuts, what truly stands out is “Lighter”. The vocal aspects resemble Miguel or The Weeknd, with an amazing production. Since every song brings with it some catchy beats, you must check it out.   

  This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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