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“No Longer Welcome” Is The Gift Of Kenny Buttons

Kenny Buttons is a singer, songwriter, producer, and artist who is immensely versatile. It is his talent and soul that will ensure he garners the vast audience he so richly deserves. Kenny never sells out with expensive and expansive sound. Besides making quality music in just about every genre, he stays true to his roots by incorporating infused sounds into his performances. He has no problem switching between melodic singing and spitting bars effortlessly, unlike his crossover contemporaries who are usually singers who occasionally rap. One of those elements does not provide a complete picture of him. 

 His singing and rapping blend perfectly together. Kenny Buttons also stands out from other hybrid singer/rappers because his voice has a soulful quality to it. He’s one of the few musicians in this lane who can pull off what he’s doing on his latest reggae-infused track, “No Longer Welcome.”. 

A Bronx, NY native, Kenny Buttons has nearly four years of experience as a singer/songwriter/producer/artist who creates hit records, garnering accolades and attention. He won several industry showcases, sparked interest among industry executives, and worked with industry greats like Obie Trice, Swizz Beats, Jim Jones, Nino Bless, Fred The Godson, Mass Appeals, Fashawn, and others. Having been exposed to a holistic view of his art as a musician, Kenny’s style exhibits certain maturity. 

Listeners can learn from Kenny Buttons how to craft a distinctly musical identity. The sonic quilt he makes is equal parts eclectic and sonic. “No Longer Welcome” reaches its full potential thanks to the lush production and lyrical dynamism. 

Kenny Buttons’s smooth concoction of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae is as chilling as it is unnerving, while his voice is as bleak as it is sweet. Kenny Buttons provide sharp-tongued flows and melodic hooks in a way that often feels like two Kenny Buttons are present at once. 

The roots of anger and pain are clearly discernible beneath the rhythm and sounds of the music. We are sometimes inspired by our most difficult emotions. No Longer Welcome is a good example of how you do not need a big and expensive studio to make great music. 

Many artists around the world rely on cutting room edits to cover up their flaws and turn their music into great music, but Kenny Buttons pushed himself with musical intuition and his own ability to produce this amazing piece of work, along with co-writer John Leon. 

With his ambitious rapping and singing, Kenny Buttons brings even more life to “No Longer Welcome”, an already solid piece of music.  Kenny’s performance will tug at your heartstrings, since it explores issues of dishonesty and betrayal. 

Each keyboard chord, bass guitar note, and snare drum is meticulously captured. A song as explosive as “No Longer Welcome” positions an artist whose career moves remain as perfect as they are expansive. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.

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