A new visual for “Contingency” has been revealed by Dapz On The Map.

The well-received project Champion Settings was released four years ago by Dapz On The Map, which featured eight songs and features from Bowzer Boss, Scorpz,Blay Vision, and Jme. In the years since, he has continued to feed the Birmingham crowd with notable singles and collaborations such as “100 Degrees,” “Shinobi Part II (Safe & Sound),” “Waiting,”and “Streets of Rage” with Tempa “Froggy 2” with Jaykae. A two-song EP called Connecting Flights was also released in March.

A Swifta Beater-produced banger has been released today by Dapz (July 22). According to the press release, the song is about “taking accountability” pertaining to his lack of music production and excluding “Plan B”:

This matching visual comes from E Blessed and shows Dapz On The Map taking part in a boxing workout. The reporter may be seen in the studio, sitting across from him in an all-black room, and in front of a group of reporters.

Dapz revealed the origin of his rap moniker in an interview with Complex UK:

During the early days of my life, I was known as Dappa, but close friends called me Dapz for short. The name ‘Dapz’ or ‘Dappz’ was being used by a variety of artists, but I wanted something that would be memorable over time. Then I said: “I must be On The Map if I am going to run with ‘Dapz.'”


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