A tea party takes place in GloRilla’s new video “Blessed”

Last week, GloRilla released her “Blessed” single, a grateful offering produced by Macaronitoni Beats. In connection with the released track, GlaRilla shared the video for her summer smash, “F.N.F.” Over the weekend, she kept her momentum going by releasing the accompanying music video for “Blessed.” The new Louie Knows-directed video features GloRilla hosting a tea party for friends that soon turns into an upbeat day party thanks to her lyrics:

A number of other releases by GloRilla have been released this year, such as “Sneaky Link,” “Big S**t,” and “Tomorrow,” the latter of which was included in the compilation album Gangsta Art released by CMG The Label in July. Aside from her own music, she has performed guest verses on tracks such as “Just Say That” featuring Duke Deuce, “Loving U 2 Hard” with Sencere, and “Outside (Remix)” with Mon Franklins.

For a special episode, GloRilla appeared on DJ Scream’s “Big Facts” show hosted by Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade earlier this month. During the conversation, she discussed the reasons she believes her music has been received positively by the public. “I am very humble.” I dislike being cocky or anything like that. “I still consider myself humble,” she said. Consequently, I feel as if I am easily relatable to a number of people since I am not actually changing. My background is from the hood, so when I say I’m from the hood, even people who aren’t from the hood can relate.”


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