Arl7egend can’t afford to look back in 2024

The plight of a young black male in America 

To reach the pinnacle of self-belief, one must possess the inherent qualities of a champion, particularly when rising from life’s most challenging depths. In America, the journey is even more daunting for black men who face systemic oppression, constant surveillance, marginalization, racial profiling, and intentional alienation from critical aspects of life. 

When a black male enters this world, he faces a daunting reality: he is already at a significant disadvantage. An unjust system looms over him like a thundercloud, waiting to unjustly imprison his dreams and transfigure them into nightmares based on his background. 

The birth of Arl7egend 

Enter Arl7egend, a Recording Artist and Entrepreneur imbued with the ‘Mamba Mentality’ and a visionary spirit since birth. Arl7egend has always radiated an extraordinary level of self-assuredness and focus on his innate talents. He harbors within him a remarkable ability to metamorphose unspeakable pain into resonant lyrical expressions that inspire and connect with the Generation Z music scene. His mental fortitude allows him to craft music from deep within his soul, a place few can reach. 

Arl7egend possesses a profound understanding of his purpose in life and his place within Hip-Hop culture. Looking forward to 2024, Arl7egend aims to broaden the digital and social influence of his music, brand, and movement.  His latest track ‘No Stress’ streams in heavy rotation on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI on iHeartRadio.   


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