“Bartier Bounty 3” is Sada Baby’s new album

In addition to visuals such as “Perfect Form Skub” and “Sada Wada,” and Sada Baby has now officially dropped Bartier Bounty 3, his third installment of the series. A total of 20 songs are included in the new project, but Skilla Baby only appears in one. His work ethic and progress are evident in the new effort. In his contribution to the Sada Wada track mentioned above, the Detroit spitter shows off his signature style:

The rapper’s major win came in 2020 when he landed his biggest hit to date with his infectious cut and “Whoomp!” here It Is)” showcasing “Whole Lotta Choppas.” At first, the track was gathering momentum all on its own, but Nicki Minaj hopped on board to bring the song to new heights. Furthermore, the rising Detroit star has delivered 2020 releases Skuba Sada 2 and Bartier County 2, which serve as official sequels to their respective predecessors from 2017 and 2019.

In a recent interview, Sada Baby reminded people that he is unique and that he brings something special to the table. “I am him, not them,” he said confidently. They don’t sound like me, they don’t look like me, they don’t dress like them, and they don’t smell like them. I don’t intend to smack anyone. All I’m saying is that I’m not like everyone else. The rest of the crap those motherfuckers think is necessary, I do not. My goal is to leave my name behind in all this good ass music for years and years and years to come even after I’m gone. All of this is about me and my people. A Christian by nature, I believe in God. “I went to church, so I can’t be blamed for my upbringing.”


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