BlueBucksClan releases new EP, ‘See The Difference’

A new BlueBucksClan album arrives today (Mar. 4) through Out The Blue Records/Capitol Records, entitled See The Difference. The album is available through Out The Blue Records/Capitol Records along with the accompanying video. There are four new songs on the highly concise project that remain featureless so that the duo can shine. “We did not come to play,” Jeeezy and DJ declare on their album’s title track.

Before the release of Clan Virus 2, BlueBucksClan had completed six projects within two years, including a booming 2020 release. Recently, they released two singles with Lil Yachty, “Horace Grant” and “Last Minute,” which confirmed their chemistry. 2020 saw the release of Going Up,No Rules 2, the first Clan Virus and Clan Way. The rising star has racked up more than 50 million U.S. streams over the years, as well as support from Saweetie, DJ Mustard, and Shoreline Mafia, and athletes from Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, so far. By inspecting their work ethic and unique identity, the city of Los Angeles can officially keep an eye on them.


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