Chrisean Rock’s Reaction to Lawsuit Over Alleged Attack on Backup Singer

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Chrisean Rock, the audacious rap sensation, recently took to her social media platform to voice her response to a lawsuit filed against her. Without mincing words, she rebuked an unidentified individual for squandering their resources on legal representation. This latest feud adds another layer to Rock’s already complex narrative.

Rock’s Social Media Outburst

“Dis big back bitch n***a think he finna get a cent out of me bitch you know you just wasted yo money on dat damn lawyer right,” Chrisean tweeted over the weekend.

In her characteristic brash style, Rock vented her frustrations, casting a shadow of doubt over the intentions of her accuser. However, the 23-year-old did not directly specify who her tweet was aimed at.

The Legal Battle

The timing of her tweet points towards her ongoing legal dispute with backup vocalist James Wright. Wright has filed a lawsuit against Rock for an alleged assault that occurred during Tamar Braxton’s Love & War 10th Anniversary concert in Los Angeles, back in November.

Wright’s allegations against Rock are grave. According to him, Rock not only used homophobic slurs against him but also physically assaulted him, causing multiple lacerations on his face and breaking two of his teeth.

Rock’s Social Media Hiatus and Return

In the wake of the lawsuit being made public, Rock decided to withdraw from social media temporarily. However, she returned with a bang, taking a swipe at an unnamed target in her latest tweet, and declaring her intent to focus her energies on her future music ventures instead.

“Yeah I took break from the socials because I’m putting my energy into my next projects fr and all dat negativity shit be not even my Bob right now 💯 my next move gon be my best move💯”, Rock added.

The Incident at Tamar Braxton’s Concert

On the night of the alleged incident, Tamar Braxton had invited Rock as a special guest to her concert with the intention of having her perform. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Rock couldn’t deliver a full performance and was subsequently led off the stage. The alleged altercation between her and Wright reportedly broke out when she went backstage.

Braxton’s Instagram Post

Tamar Braxton also took to Instagram to narrate her version of the events, where she claimed that Rock was “traumatizing” Wright. She penned “Justice for James” in her caption, showing her support for her backup singer.

To Conclude

Chrisean Rock’s journey has been anything but ordinary. From her rapid rise to fame to her recent legal battles, every step has been under the public eye. As the news about her alleged assault on a backup singer continues to unfold, we wait to see how this chapter in her story ends.


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