D-Block Europe have released a new album titled ‘Lap 5’

The release of the new album Lap 5 is a significant reason for excitement for D-Block Europe. The album consists of 16 tracks, which also include contributions from Burna Boy, Ghost Killer Track, and Ed Sheeran. A number of the singles from the project received positive reviews, including “Fantasy,” “Elegant & Gang,” “Black Beatles,” and “Man In The Mirror.”

Immediately before Lap 5 was released, D-Block Europe released a video for their standout track, “4 The Win,” produced by Nathaniel London, which sees the group persistently focusing on their grind:

William Thomas directed the accompanying video for “4 The Win.” It begins with a news report that highlights D-Block Europe’s generosity. Throughout the video, footage of going above and beyond is mixed with Young Adz and Dirtbike LB performing the melodic cut in a variety of luxurious locations.


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