Drake Honors Anita Max Wynn, His Alter Ego, With New Hat Collection

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Canadian rapper and songwriter, Drake, renowned for his album ‘For All the Dogs’, is paying homage to his alter ego, Anita Max Wynn, with the launch of an exclusive hat line. This intriguing collection showcases two distinctive colorways and is set to hit the market on January 22.

Unveiling the Anita Max Wynn Collection

The hat collection, dedicated to Drake’s alter ego, Anita Max Wynn, comes in two striking colorways. One is an all-black version while the other is a blend of aqua and white. Both designs bear the caricature of Drake’s alter ego, embellished with the name Anita Max Wynn, dual dollar signs, and the logo of Stake, a renowned gambling brand Drake is an ambassador for.

“Ladies with gentle hands. This is my alter ego, Anita Max Wynn,” Drake introduced his alter ego in a Spanish accent during a Kick livestream in December 2023.

Drake’s affinity for gambling and his association with Stake led him to conceive the alter ego, Anita Max Wynn, a cryptic phrase that translates to “I need a max win.”

A Message for the Detractors

The same Kick stream turned heads when Drake issued a warning for his critics.

“And to the rest of you. The non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet-and-deleters, you guys make me sick to my stomach, fam,” he stated.

While Drake didn’t call out anyone explicitly, speculations arose that his remarks were targeted at Metro Boomin, who had recently critiqued the accolades of ‘Her Loss’ at an award show, juxtaposing them with ‘Heroes & Villains’. However, Metro clarified later that there was no beef with Drake.

Where to Purchase

Fans eager to get their hands on these exclusive hats can make their purchase via DrakeRelated starting January 22.

Stay tuned for further updates and keep an eye on Drake’s exploration of his alter ego, Anita Max Wynn, through these unique hat designs. As an artist constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, Drake continues to surprise his fans with his innovative endeavors. This hat collection, a tribute to his alter ego, is yet another testament to his knack for redefining norms and expressing his individuality.


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