Giggs and Kwengface collaborate on “Water”

Soon, fans will be able to check out the new project of Kwengface titled The Memoir, which is set to include 17 tracks of hard-hitting cuts, along with features from the likes of S Loud, Reekz MB, Lancey Foux, Knucks, SL, Yung Fume, and more. In the wake of a new visual for “Water,” a collaboration between the masked emcee Kwengface and Giggs that is set to release on April 1, the masked emcee unveiled a new visual. The track is produced by Jay Cactus, Kill Bill, and Bassyy, a rap act from the U.K. that raps about street life and hard-earned wealth.

“Water” comes with a video clip that can be seen below. It was created by Don Prod and was shot in Peckham, South London, where both Giggs and Kwengface were raised. The audience can catch a glimpse of them mobbing heavily outside of a McDonald’s and under the bridge near where they are mobbing.


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