“Here I Come” is the latest single from Lola Brooke

There has been a lot of activity focusing on this year when it comes to rising star Lola Brooke releasing well-received tracks. In the months following her viral success with a single called “Don’t Play With It” featuring Billy B, she continued to keep her momentum moving with songs such as “On My Mind,” “Dummy Ummy,” and “Gator Season.”

During the weekend, the “718 Princess” made her return with a debut single titled “Here I Come“, which marks a brand-new and bold declaration of her arrival on the music scene. Throughout the accompanying video directed by StarMazzi and Denity, Brooke shows off her hardcore side while riding her ATV around the city, spitting bars while she rips through the city with her powerful bars:

The Bedford-Stuyvesant native performed in an energetic performance at Rolling Loud New York a few weeks back, and the singer-songwriter has recently got an announcement that he will be performing on the main stage at SXSW 2023. Also, she has been featured on YouTube as a “Trending Artist On The Rise” in the month of September. In addition to her own releases, you can also find her featured on other tracks released by other artists, such as “It’s For Me” produced with OT9 Beno and “Opp” produced with Coach Joey.

It was recently revealed in a recent interview from Brooke that her upbringing had a great impact on her unique delivery method. She told me that the sound of her music is different at the same time as being familiar. “The fact that I come from New York doesn’t mean I don’t have the Brooklyn-born, well-rounded vibe of Bed-Stuy in me. I put my own twist on my delivery, however, every time I speak, nine times out of 10, you will be able to tell where I’m from.”


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