IAMKOKOA making power moves in 2022

Speaking dreams into existence separates dreamers from CEOs.   

Millions of people stare outside their windows, dreaming of their destiny. Spending countless hours mind-mapping about the future and stimulating their deepest fantasies.  

Dreams provide motivation to initiate, but to fuel dreams, it requires strategic thinking, unwavering discipline, and an unrivaled work ethic. CEOs are born and not created in life.  

CEOs understand the premium price of faith and the non-value of procrastination. Natural-born leaders never create comfort zones, excuses, or shortcuts on the path to a supreme being. Manifesting our intimate visions into a successful reality is achieved by less than 10% of people worldwide. 

Transforming your life into its highest potential requires Championship DNA, unshakeable faith in oneself, unparalleled inventiveness, and unorthodox hustle.  

Evolution is a beautiful process that empowers a person to elevate to unthinkable heights and emerge from unexplainable darkness. A person must be born to lead, accept all risks, and uplift people to greatness.   

IAMKOKOA never shied away from the unknown  

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur IAMKOKOA walks the fine line between faith and uncertainty every day. Pursuing her dreams includes expensive pain, incalculable fear, and unthinkable financial rewards. 

IAMKOKOA’s meteoric rise to music success is not an accident.   

Balancing faith, fear, and ambition is not for the light-hearted. IAMKOKOA has organically grown her fanbase, social media audience, and music streaming numbers. In 2022, her expansion plans include launching a record label, TV/Film imprint, and non-profit organization.   


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