IDK, a rapper, and Credit Karma want to help you get rid of $10,000 in debt

Promoting financial management, IDK, a rapper, has teamed up with Credit Karma. According to Forbes, the relationship is a complete circle moment for the American rapper. He credits the personal finance organization with teaching him the value of financial and credit knowledge. 

Considering his moniker, Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge (IDK), the rapper’s contributions to the collaboration are precisely the opposite. 

Using his power and influence to better the lives of others is nothing new for the artist. According to AfroTech, IDK will teach a 10-day music business crash course at Harvard University for entry-level industry professionals. 

Competing in the contest will create an opportunity for contestants to win a reward of $10,000 to pay their outstanding debts. Participating in the competition will require the participants to disclose their debt collection experiences and their efforts to erase their debt. 

Running “Midday with IDK” YouTube talk show will educate the youth on financial management.  

Performing at the show will be BIA, 24kgolden, DJ Millie, Buddy, and Zach Bia. According to Forbes, Credit Karma discloses the video will support its aim to “help normalize talks about money and let individuals know they’re not alone in their path, while also helping a few people achieve actual financial progress.” 

Partnering creates a more innovative option for financial corporations to connect with artists who have clout with young people to expand educational opportunities. 

 Reaching out to youths to address new challenges during maturities, such as building credit, college loans, medical debt, and new housing, will become increasingly crucial, among others, as he disclosed in the press release. 

Mixing education and enjoyment, IDK believes people would be more aware of essential concerns like financial literacy, as was reported in the statement. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.


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