In the “Say I Won’t” video, LunchMoney Lewis travels through Europe

Taking a break from writing hits for other artists in order to put out his own single, LunchMoney Lewis released “Say I Won’t” along with Kenny Sharp last month. This infectious offering expresses a beautiful exchange of love between the talented talent of “The Bills” and his special someone in a beautiful way:

“Don’t Tell Me I Won’t” can be seen with a matching visual which shows LunchMoney Lewis and his presumed significant other taking a vacation in Europe, riding a bicycle along the streets, stopping by a record store, taking a walk through a huge garden, and doing all kinds of things similar to this. According to the video description, the clip was produced by the artist/producer on the train from London to Paris while the artist/producer was riding the train.

As Lewis explained in a press release, the song began with Sharp, and Lewis described how he came to write it:

“As I recall, Kenny sent me this song from a batch of recordings he did at Muscle Shoals Recording Studio in Alabama a number of years ago. The first moment I heard it, I fell in love with it, and asked him if I could work on it with him. The moment I cut the song and added a bridge to it, I really thought it was a beautiful song. Kenny is one of the most talented musicians and writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Any time Kenny and LunchMoney Lewis come up with something they can present to the world, I’m excited.”


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