Jay-Roc Z’s Nation And The REFORM Alliance Will Host A Job Fair In New York

Joining together, Jay-Roc Z’s Nation and the REFORM Alliance will offer thousands of job openings at Madison Square Garden on November 18. 

According to reports that the alarming COVID-19 may take years for people to recover, news comes in the light of a much-needed revival of New York’s economy. Offering possibilities at all levels, The “Team Roc New York Job Fair” aims to bring help. 

According to Dania Diaz, Team Roc managing director, in a press release, “The Team Roc New York Job Fair is a real opportunity for socioeconomic mobility for New Yorkers – those who want to work but haven’t had the experience or links to the right-fit jobs, or to the support programs that can strengthen their prospects for employment.”  

Added up, “It is also an opportunity for all of us – public, commercial, and nonprofit sectors–to work together to address the state’s workforce shortages meaningfully.” 

Launching The Team Roc New York Job Fair will be available to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. 

According to the statement released, the fair will target New Yorkers who are single parents, formerly jailed, veterans, and poverty reduction and workforce development members. 

Recruiting potential candidates from Amazon, Foot Locke, Lowe’s, Madison Square Garden, Live Nation, VICE, 40/40 Club, and other companies will hold interviews. At Jay-Roc Z’s Nation and REFORM Alliance, effective worker portals will be developed. 

Adding on to employment chances, guests may use services to help with career development and job preparation, such as; 

  • Building Support & Interview Preparation 
  • Grooming services for haircut and styling  
  • Accessing Motivational & Educational Speeches from Special Celebrity Guests 
  • Using professional apparel 

Proving that they have gotten their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination will require clients attending the career fair in correspondence with paperwork to participate in the job fair. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.


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