Jim Jones creates the “12 Days of Xmas” project to celebrate the holiday season

Among the latest artists to embrace the holiday season is Jim Jones. It was announced yesterday (Dec. 13) that the Harlem legend is releasing 12 Days of Xmas, a collection of 18 tracks that features a number of guest rappers, including the likes of Mr. Chicken, AlleyCat The Rapper, Keen Streetz, Dyce Payso, Tommyboyfame, Yellow Tapee, Rah Swish, and Rayy Rayy, the last of whom gets to add a few jokes to the project’s first two tracks. A press release from Jim Jones gave this explanation of how the comedian was recruited for the project:

“I have always been in love with comedy and music, and for me, they are synonymous. Positive complementarity exists between the two. In the last few months, I have watched Rayy Rayy grind and make a lot of people laugh since I had the pleasure of noticing him during the pandemic. The fact that he helped me take the decision to sign comedians – not verbally, but through his comedy – was the determining factor in me starting to sign comedians. Thus, when I decided to produce 12 Days of Xmas, it was only right that I have Rayy Rayy host for his initial appearance on VampLife Comedy.”

Added to Rayy Rayy’s comments, Rayy Rayy said: “I have never witnessed an Instagram comedian with a label backing them before.” This is going to be a trend in the coming year, and perhaps you will see people performing Instagram comedy hoping for a record label to represent them.”

It is with great passion and clarity that we present to you the 20Cam and Cover COD-produced “Everything,” a film about giving gifts and more to those we cherish.


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