King Darius TheGreat shares his creative genius with MUSICHYPEBEAST

King Darius TheGreat is inseparable from his music. Music is the medium through which he is able to express himself. His ability to tell stories through words is also evident in his music, which translates into an extremely unique storytelling style. His dynamic hip hop and R&B beats allow him to present his emotions to the rest of the world in a way they can all relate to and understand.  

King Darius TheGreat gives credit to his family for both his creative genius as well as his musical versatility since he was introduced to classical music of many genres when he was still a young boy. When creating music, KingDarius TheGreat allows the universe to guide him to the right path. 

In the new year, we at MUSICHYPEBEAST and RADIOPUSHERS are looking forward to watching KingDarius TheGreat take flight and reach new heights.  


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