Knucks takes viewers to Nigeria in second part of ‘KNUCKLES’ short film

Knucks‘ recorded a new short film entitled KNUCKLES, and the first installment was made public on Monday (Dec. 19). The short serves as a visual accompaniment to Knucks’ critical acclaimed album ALPHA PLACE. In the latest installment of the conceptual release that he unveiled yesterday (Dec. 21), he reveals how the rise in crime in his hometown of Kilburn led to his family requiring him to temporarily relocate to West Africa, a country in which he was living as a child, so that he could avoid crime in his hometown:

“As a result of me traveling to Nigeria, I was taken away from everything I knew, and I was able to see things from a very different perspective. As a matter of fact, I believe that it was in Nigeria that I experienced the death of my ego. I was just able to move on and tear myself away from the destructive mindset that was plaguing all of us, man, growing up in these areas.”

A moment in time that inspired one of the LP’s standout tracks, Knucks eventually returned home and reunited with his friends, as the video’s description suggests:

“Although Knucks spent a great deal of time away from home in Nigeria, he is finally able to return home to reunite with his two friends in the tune he titled ‘Three Musketeers.’ Perhaps it is no surprise that the project has been so successful since it was released. We have been watching Knucks’ trajectory in recent years as he is consistently bringing himself to prominence by showcasing himself as one of the most talented musicians in the world.”

In May, Alpha Place made its first appearance with 13 songs. This included additional contributions from Lex Amor, SL, Venna, Stormzy, M1llionz, Youngs Teflon, Ragz Originale, and Shaé Universe. Upon its release, the album peaked at No. 3 position on the U.K. Official Albums chart after its first week of release as noted in the following chart. It has been announced that the “Home” rapper recently released a deluxe version of his album, ALPHA PLACE, which comes with two additional tracks, including the Kwengface-assisted “Lucious.”


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