Lost Boyz on Tupac & Biggie, “Renee”, Hip Hop’s Golden Era, Jay-Z & More | Drink Champs

In this episode of Drink Champs, the legendary rap group Lost Boyz sits down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN to discuss their timeless music and global appeal. From their origins in Queens, New York, to their experiences performing in Africa and meeting Tupac and Biggie, the Lost Boyz share their journey in the hip hop industry. They reminisce about the old days of recording music in analog and cover loyalty and respect, the origins of the group, their connection to Teddy Riley and Virginia, and their signing with Uptown Records. The Lost Boyz also discuss their hit song “Renee” and its storytelling abilities, as well as their other songs and contributions to the game. Watch!


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