Lyrical Shakespeare embraces the unknown without fear in 2023

Leadership is not designed for everyone.  

A natural-born leader and a fearless entrepreneur, Lyrical Shakespeare has a vision to fulfill. She was never designed to live her life by the conventional rules imposed by society. Creating a legacy of wealth for her family and empowering others to achieve their dreams is her purpose in life. A great deal of expectation and unfair circumstances surrounded Lyrical Shakespeare’s birth into this world.

The way Lyrical Shakespeare felt as a young girl was always different from the way everyone else felt. As a woman who was never afraid to speak truth to power or to stand up for what she believed in, it made no difference to her what anyone else thought. With this strength and determination, she has risen to become the successful businesswoman she is today as a result of her drive and ambition. She never shied away from taking risks or going against what was expected of her.

Lyrical Shakespeare was born with fire in her belly.

A large part of what motivates her is the desire to develop something new and innovative. Lyrical Shakespeare has a unique ability to see the potential in people and situations that others may not see. A fundamental principle of Lyrical Shakespeare is that embracing the unknown is the key to success in business as well as in life. The key to her career was taking risks and forging bold moves, even when others told her she was crazy, even though she has built it on taking risks.
Lyrical Shakespeare has several multimedia and TV/Film projects slated for release in 2023. Lyrical Shakespeare is the CEO of a progressive media company, and her brand is gaining global bandwidth within the entertainment industry.


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