M.O.P. On Their Come Up, Legacy, Untold Stories, Jay-Z, DJ Premier, G-Unit & More | Drink Champs

In this episode of #Drink Champs, legendary hip hop duo M.O.P. stop by to talk with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. They take a walk down memory lane, reflecting on their come up in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the 90s and how they met and formed their iconic partnership. The duo gets candid about the struggles and obstacles they faced early on as underground artists trying to break through commercially while staying true to their signature sound. They share stories about collaborating with other New York hip hop legends throughout their career. M.O.P. also discusses the keys to their longevity and how they’ve managed to continue thriving after 30 years in the game. Tune in to hear the highs and lows of M.O.P.’s journey and their impact on hip hop history.

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