Major Recording Artist Grisly shares his blueprint with MUSICHYPEBEAST

Grisly establishes his foundation in Hip-Hop 

More commonly known by his artist name Grisly, William Allen is an acclaimed Hip-Hop artist from Laurinburg, North Carolina, whom his fans know as Grisly. His passion for music stems from the challenges he faced with his mental health and the respite music offered to vent out his emotions. He also hopes to connect to the younger generation with his music.  

Grisly was first inspired by Lil Wayne when he was just 13 years old. Eventually, he began to experiment with music and found his balance through this art form. He lived through a difficult childhood, including watching his mother get stabbed when he was just eight. Through his music, he hopes to channel these emotions and help others who are going through the same issues.  

Grisly sees no limits in 2022 

Grisly believes that his versatility as a musician can be attributed to his childhood despite leading a difficult life. His songs contain unique beats because all of his cuts are the product of his emotions and mental state at the time.  

Grisly hopes to eventually move beyond hip hop and even transcend the concept of genre. Grisly appeals to different kinds of audiences with diverse mental states and emotions.  

At the end of the day, he hopes to inspire others to chase their own dreams. His audiences love that he is genuine and lives life to the fullest. Check out his latest track here. You can also view his YouTube channel here: 


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