Major Recording Artist Saithx76 shares his blueprint with MUSICHYPEBEAST 

Senamile Mncube, who was born and raised in Dundee, has become a fast-rising star as Saithx76, and enjoys exploring every genre. By pursuing his professional goals, he will be able to realize his greater calling in 2022.  

When he was just 9, he knew he wanted to be a musician and by the age of 16, he was eagerly pursuing his dream. According to Saythx76, his family and the challenges they faced together in tough conditions laid the foundation for him to become the musician he is today.  

To create the best music and drop some dope beats, Saythx76 relies on his creativity and individuality. In particular, what is so impressive about him is his persistent determination to face up to challenges head-on, and then emerge from them as a victor.  

Whenever Saithx76 writes a song, he tries to make the audience feel the same emotions that he felt when he wrote it. His talent is unquestionably the future of music, as any true music lover can see. Saithx76 is unmatched in both his style and attitude, which is what makes him a successful musician.  

Saithx76 never lost sight of his goals even when facing a number of hardships, including heartbreak and trouble with the law. Saithx76 is ready for the next level of his career.  


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