‘Mannequin’ is the new video from Ray Vaughn.

The Long Beach emcee Ray Vaughn released a new single titled “Mannequin,” a Tariq Beats, Phonix Beats, and Kino Beats production on which the artist raps about his current lifestyle:

“Mannequin” is directed by James Mackel. Ray Vaughn plays a construction worker in the accompanying visual. When he and his colleagues are taking a break, he finds himself in a dream in which they have been transported to suburban neighborhoods. Everyone has been transformed into mannequins. Following this, Vaughn’s angry boss awakens him with a number of shenanigans.

“Mechanequin” follows Ray Vaughn’s recent releases “59th & Bethany” and “Picking Cherries,” singles that helped launch anticipation for his upcoming album. In the years before that, Peer Pressure, a 2021 EP from Top Dawg Entertainment, contained well-received tracks such as “Not Allowed,” “Top Shottas,” and “Tap.” According to a press release, Vaughn provided a detailed description of how Peer Pressure came to existence:

To be honest, it’s a chaotic process to revisit the place where these songs came from, and I’d love to tell you how I built this project. Take me lightly, have fun, don’t take me too seriously.”


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