In her latest music video, “Faneto (Freestyle),” Monaleo demonstrates her lyrical and rhythmic prowess.

5th October 2022 — With her song “We Not Humping,” which quickly went viral, Monaleo created a name for herself early this year. Several months later, she collaborated with Flo Milli on the song’s official remix. The artist, who hails from Houston, made her long-awaited comeback yesterday (September 29) with the release of “Faneto (Freestyle),” a gritty new video in which she puts her spin on the well-known Chief Keef song. In the song, Monaleo delivers bars just as intense as the ones on the original album, matching its level of excitement.
The rapper, who is most known for her song “First Draft Pick” released many songs for her fans to enjoy in the previous year. These tracks included “Suck It Up,” and many other amazing tracks, and her breakthrough song “Beating Down Yo Block.” At the end of the summer, she also teamed up with another musician who hails from Texas, DJ Chose, on a track that the two of them dubbed “Lock It Down.”
In a recent interview, Monaleo went into detail about why she believes that people have been attracted to her work because of the honesty of her work. “I believe my music resonates with people in their everyday lives,” she stated. She further said that since she wanted to accomplish these things, she reasoned she needed to be honest about what I was going through. She will say that if there’s every morning when she wakes up and doesn’t have the mood for anything.


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