Musiq Soulchild releases a new video entitled “victims and villains”

The highly anticipated album Victims & Villains from Musiq Soulchild was released in March. Hit-Boy produced the 10-track offering, which featured a single guest appearance by The Husel. Feel The Real is the veteran R&B artist’s first full-length album release since 2017, as well as being his first full-length release since 2017. It is no secret that there was no shortage of hits on Victims & Villains, such as “I remember you my ex” and “beat of a slow dance”.

It was just yesterday (April 4) that the “Buddy” singer Musiq Soulchild released the official music video for the song that serves as the title track for the project. The Caleb Seals-directed clip is set in Soulstar Court where a man and a woman are involved in a riveting case that takes place over the weeks. He sings in the song about the importance of revealing the true colors of people:

It was scheduled for a private listening in Los Angeles just prior to the full release of the album, where Musiq Soulchild shared some words of reflection with the audience. “ It is no secret that I am grateful for my timeline and that everyone has been supporting me for such a long time. Even though I am still attempting to figure out what I need to do and when I should do it, I am still winning the battle. I told Hit that I would be shocked if there were as many people as there were at the event. What a wonderful show I thought it was, I really enjoyed it. As artists, sometimes we can get so engrossed in our work that we think people don’t care any more about what we do, especially if we have been doing this for awhile. He said, “This is crazy to me in a way I can’t even express in words.”


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