New album from DaBaby titled ‘Baby on Baby 2’

While DaBaby isn’t necessarily in good standing with the masses lately, he remains one of the most exciting active rappers today. During the time since his third album Blame It On Baby was released in 2020, the Charlotte rapper released two albums, including Better Than You, a mixtape that was produced by NBA Youngboy and Back on my Baby Jesus S**t Again EP. In spite of this, he seems to be playing it pretty low key for some odd reason. In spite of the fact that there’s a great deal of music that is considered “here today, gone tomorrow,” DaBaby’s name remains top of mind in everyone’s brain. Whatever he does, whether it’s making headlines for his music or doing something that grabs attention, he knows how to keep his name at the top of the list. This morning (Sept. 23) Kirk returns with the much-needed heat on the fourth studio album he has released so far, Baby On Baby 2.

Many of you are aware that DaBaby frequently makes headlines for the wrong reasons. It seems he uses those moments most often to capitalize, and his behavior outside music has not been too prominent in bylines lately. With the release of Baby On Baby 2, many fans now understand why they’ve been wondering what he’s been doing.

It is time for the fall season, and DaBaby strategically steps up to bat with his newest album, and he hits a home run once again. It is still possible for him to demonstrate himself since he has been accused of having “fallen off.” Baby On Baby 2 promises to put the doubters to shame.


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