On new mixtape, RV stays “inconspicuous”

The rapper RV, who recently released a new mixtape titled Inconspicuous, announced Friday (Feb. 24) that it would feature guest appearances from performers such as LD, V9, Double Lz, Monkey, Lowkey, Dimzy, and more. A majority of this project’s success was attributed to its standout singles including “Shoot,” “Kane & Undertaker,” and “Water Resistant,” many of which had accompanying videos to go along with them.

RV released another clip for “Survival Mode” just a few days before the release of Inconspicuous, in which the song boasts the production from FNR Beats. An accompanying video clip, directed by Aaron, shows a masked OFB talent terrorizing abandoned buildings covered in graffiti, riding around in a Rolls Royce truck and much more in the accompanying video.

The rapper’s latest release follows 2021’s Rico Vondelle and 2019’s Savage; both of these works were well received and had the assistance of artists including BandoKay, Chip, KO, K-Trap, Headie One, BackRoad Gee, Abra Cadabra, a group called Smoke Boys that has now dissolved. Prior to that, he and Headie collaborated on the critically acclaimed Drillers x Trappers series which was a key release for the U.K. ‘s burgeoning drill scene during the 90’s. Apart from his own work, he has also been featured on a number of dope tracks including Youngs Teflon “Bally Bop,” Akz “On The Mains,” Stay Flee Get Lizzy’s “Handsome G, ” and Rudimental “C’est Fini.”

It was revealed by RV, who was a guest on the VICE broadcast, that he mistakenly missed the chance to make use of one of the beats that ended up playing a key role in the creation of the late Pop Smoke’s immensely popular pop song, “Dior.”

“I received the beat from 808Melo before he sent it to Pop Smoke, but I didn’t see the email before he sent it to Pop Smoke,” he confessed. “ It didn’t even occur to me to open the email I received. The first thing I did after the song was released was to tweet him asking why he’s dumping all the good beats on America while not giving them to UK artists who would benefit from them. I got a response back from him saying, ‘Yo, check your emails.’ That’s how the story goes for me. There’s no doubt that it’s gonna haunt me for the rest of my life, but the song’s a banger, I can’t complain.”


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