Swayzebane Is Swiftly Striving To Success With Sizzling Singles

Climbing up the industry ladder is none other than Canadian aspiring artist Swayzebane. He is swiftly gaining popularity, particularly since the release of his March 2023 hit, “2 Wrongs“. His flow and fascinating choruses are extremely contagious, as the popular single revealed, as he combines modern rap aesthetics with an old-school twist.

Swayzebane Strives With Signature Sound

Furthermore, his approach to hip-hop is innovative and energetic, and his tracks are full of vitality. His production quality is likewise excellent, and his releases are constantly filled with electric beats that never fail to connect with listeners. The trailblazing talent has a few exciting projects in the works. As a result, a new trendy track titled, “Grind on me” is set to arrive later this month. In addition, he plans to release a new EP in the fall. Which will broaden his fan base and put him on the map beyond the Canadian music scene! In fact, listen to learn more about the aspring artist by pressing play on some of his standout singles. Stay up to date with all things Swayzebane here at Music Hype Beast!


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