Tezz 4oez understands the fear of not having a Plan B in 2024

Considering a backup plan is a common habit for many individuals. It serves as a psychological safety net, offering protection against personal anxieties and the fear of failure. However, those who always keep a ‘Plan B’ may never fully commit to their primary vision. 

It requires courage, independence, and a daring mindset to eliminate safety nets in the quest for one’s destiny. When the backup plan is discarded, individuals become more driven and concentrated on bringing their dreams to fruition. 

In life, dreams and fears often tread the same path. Turning aspirations into reality necessitates resilience and broad perspective. Recording Artist and Entrepreneur Tezz 4oez emerged from an environment marked by hardship, violence, profound love, and the essence of Hip-Hop. As a natural leader with exceptional emotional intelligence, Tezz 4oez channels life’s adversities into messages of survival for Generation Z through his music. Hip-Hop is integral to his being, as vital as blood in his veins. His latest single, ‘We Won,’ enjoys significant airplay on iHeartRadio’s 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI

“We Won” is among the top-requested songs on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI via iHeartRadio. Tezz 4oez comprehends the anxiety of lacking a Plan B in 2024. Nevertheless, as of June 2024, he stays undaunted and fully committed. 


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