Get a taste of the new album ‘The Age of Pleasure’ by Janelle Monáe

In a surprise release on Friday (June 9), Janelle Monáe returned to the fold with the release of her fourth studio album, The Age of Pleasure, a 14-track collection that features artists such as Seun Kuti, Egypt 80, Grace Jones, Doechii, Amaarae, Sister Nancy, Nia Long, and Ckay. Among the project’s most interesting tracks was the exciting Nate “Rocket” Wonder, “Lipstick Lover,” a Janelle Monáe, Nana Kwabena, and Sensei Bueno production that has made its way into the anthem of summer for everyone who enjoys hedonistic pleasures.

A few weeks ago, Janelle Monáe spoke to Zane Lowe in where she explained about the meaning behind the album’s title and the meaning behind the album itself. “The Age of Pleasure was a book I wrote with friends in mind, to give them an experience they will never forget,” she said. “For us, this is what we need. When I knew there was a party on that Friday or Saturday, and on Monday and Tuesday, instead of just being like, ‘All right, I’ll be like, ‘well, I don’t mind doing that.’ During the writing process, we are going to create three songs. ‘If you can’t play the songs at a party, they won’t be on the album,” he said, “if they aren’t suitable for a party.”

It is interesting to note that The Age of Pleasure is the follow-up album to the critically acclaimed Dirty Computer, which featured collaborations and collaborations with artists such as Grimes, Zoë Kravitz, and Pharrell Williams from a variety of different genres. There was also a matching film that aired with the same name, showing the Kansas City talent as an android named Jane 57821, and which had the same director. The synopsis of the movie reveals that the android “attempts to break free from the tyranny of the totalitarian regime that forcibly confines Jane to members of a heterosexual society that forces her to adhere to its homophobic beliefs.” Tessa Thompson also played the lead role as May Apple #53, who became Jane’s love interest.


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