The ‘Crazy Girls’ EP is out now from Day Sulan

In this regard, Day Sulan is a perfect example of a rose emerging from concrete. The track “Her Story” by YG, her label CEO, gave her an immediate taste of what the music industry had to offer. As a result, the track reminded me of Nicki Minaj’s Young Money debut single “Still I Rise” on Lil Wayne’s widely successful mixtape series. There is still a long way to go before we can predict whether she will have the same success as the Harajuku Barbie. However, there is certainly potential for her. In addition to being incredibly talented and attractive, she seems to have a pure heart. In addition, she has been an underdog for much of her life as a woman of African-American and Vietnamese descent. It is with great excitement that she presents her latest release, Crazy Girls, to the public today (Oct 14.).

It is evident that she is still undiscovered, yet her sensual voice and suggestive subject matter perfectly complement each other to create endless bangers. There is no doubt that many fans of her subgenre of rap would agree that her bars are appropriate. It is not surprising that Day Sulan was named one of the “11 Female Rappers to Watch in 2021” last year. No doubt, that is not a nod to be taken lightly, and the Compton artist has been putting on a show of strength. In the years that followed her stint at LA’s notorious Gentlemen’s Club Crazy Girls, she certainly progressed significantly.

With the start of the fourth quarter approaching, Day Sulan has picked a good time to release her most recent EP. Most rappers prefer to perform outdoors during the spring and summer months – but fall is the time to be outside.


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