The “Gotta Move On” video features Bryson Tiller and Diddy at Club Love

As part of the BET Awards, Diddy performed the hit with Bryson Tiller earlier this year, where he received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the music industry. As Diddy’s first track under the new LOVE RECORDS imprint in partnership with Motown Records, “Gotta Move On” is the first to be released from his highly anticipated album.

The song is titled “Gotta Move On” with Bryson Tiller. It’s here, the very first music video for the hit from the legendary mogul (July 20). Director Teyana “Spike Tey” Taylor directed the video. For the first time, Club Love welcomes fans into its world through its newly released video. Towards the start of “Gotta Move On,” Diddy pulls up to the venue to find Tiffany Haddish greeting him as the smooth vocals of Bryson Tiller beckon him in:

During the initial premiere of “Gotta Move On”, Diddy opened up about the song’s significance to him and his co-star Tiller, mentioning it helped them both get through a difficult time in their relationships. Bryson Tiller and I made a song together. The song helped him through his last breakup, and I also found it helpful through my last breakup. There are times when you just have to move on. This is the theme of the record. Keep up the good work. He said, “Keep it motherfucking pushin.”

Diddy received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to music at the 2022 BET Awards, which was performed by Bryson Tiller and Diddy. The highly anticipated album will feature a number of tracks under Diddy’s highly anticipated LOVE RECORDS imprint, which will be a partnership between Motown and Diddy himself.


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