The Unveiling of Rick Ross’ Music Video: A Retaliation to Drake’s Diss in “Champagne Moments”

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Rick Ross, the acclaimed rapper, recently hit back at Drake with a diss track titled “Champagne Moments.” This week, the track’s music video, directed by the talented Shula the Don, was released, adding a visual dimension to the ongoing feud.

A Sneak Peek into the Video

Ross, at the age of 48, remains composed throughout the video, which features him enjoying a smoke and a laugh in a garage. Curiously, a mystery white man is featured on the single’s cover art for “Champagne Moments,” but there’s no sign of Drake, also known by his hashtag #BBLDrizzy, in the video.

“We’re on a yacht, watching the visuals for ‘Champagne Moments.’ What’s dope about the video is its simplicity. I didn’t even ad-lib the record; we didn’t do any of that,” Ross shared on his Instagram Story. “I wrote the verse, it didn’t take an hour, put it out on the streets, and it did what it was supposed to.”

A Quick Turnaround

It appears that Ross didn’t dally in producing the video. Evidence of this can be found in a carousel he uploaded to his Instagram account last week. The images show him in the same outfit and warehouse featured in the video clip.

Ongoing Feud: The Drake Diss

Ross released “Champagne Problems” online just hours after the leak of Drake’s “Push Ups” diss track. The two have since exchanged a series of accusations, including rumors of nose jobs and BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts).

The continuing squabble between Rick Ross and Drake has seen a series of back-and-forths, with accusations flying thick and fast.

Ross also dismissed the speculation that Drake owns a percentage of his publishing rights, and of other artists, he is currently in conflict with.


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