Toosii delivers a new deluxe album titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry, Men Do’

I am pleased to announce that Toosii is the latest artist to be added to our deluxe brigade. In the past few years, we have seen an onslaught of deluxe versions of albums which have become increasingly popular amongst hip-hop and R&B fans as they immerse themselves in the scenes. It’s almost certain that this is a tactic that will be used to increase revenue for quite some time because it took place during the COVID-19 pandemic (artists were not being paid for shows and tours, for obvious reasons). By adding some extra sauce to his upcoming Boys Don’t Cry project, Toosii turns up the flames on the upcoming Boys Don’t Cry project, titled Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do.

Toosii’s massive tour effort comes just a few hours before he joins Rod Wave with a show at Minneapolis’ Target Center as part of Rod Wave’s North American arena tour, which officially kicked off in Minneapolis tonight before Rod Wave conducted his own show. With five soul-baring tracks, the updated edition of Boyz Don’t Cry, one of the most critically acclaimed EPs in recent years, came out exclusively via South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records. It is significant to note that the title highlights its central theme. that it is time we start questioning the deeply rooted notion that in order to be strong, boys must suppress their feelings in order to be self-sufficient. A new album from the rising star features a haunted edge that is informed by the past, yet haunted at the same time. In spite of experiencing some hard knocks and failed romantic relationships, he was still able to find the courage to fall head over heels in love, as reflected on some of his tracks, such as “City Of Love.”

“The most valuable thing I can do for those I love and for myself is to learn how to be the best person I am capable of being,” he said in a statement released by his team. “During my early years as a man, I was always taught that men don’t cry or have emotions, and that boys don’t appear to be emotional. But that is not the case. The fact is that a man can be emotional and that’s okay.” Toosii continues to make his mark in this space — before long he will become a superstar in this field.


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