Having been named U.N. World Food Programme’s Goodwill Ambassador, The Weeknd wants to help more Ethiopians.

On Friday, the Weeknd was named Goodwill Ambassador of the UN World Food Programme, the humanitarian organization he previously pledged $1 million to. The Weeknd had announced on Instagram six months ago that he would provide two million meals to Ethiopians who are facing poverty and hunger.

In Los Angeles this week, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye was honoured for his song After Hours. In a statement, The Weeknd told Rolling Stone, “I feel such an incredible sense of responsibility in helping such a large number of people throughout the world who are suffering from acute hunger.” ” He added, “We have to save lives, no matter where we live or what we are like.” We care about people because they are dying. To achieve that, I will do everything that I can inside of the United Nations World Food Programme to help every Ethiopian who needs it, as well as others all across the globe who rely on food aid to survive.”

Born to Ethiopian immigrants, The Weeknd grew up in Los Angeles. Ethiopia endures a brutal domestic conflict with the natives of Tigray, which is the country’s northern province. His reaction to the situation is well known, and he has urged others to match his gift as well. Those selected as Goodwill Ambassadors by the United Nations are “distinguished individuals, carefully chosen from the public sector, who are dedicated to bringing attention to the efforts of the United Nations.”

Members of the World Food Programme are appointed by the head of the UN. They devote their time and skills to spreading the word about the responsibilities of the UN in fighting poverty.

The Weeknd told Rolling Stone, “I feel passionate about dealing with world hunger and helping those in need.” The United Nations World Food Programme performs critical and crucial work every day to transform and save lives. It is our collective effort to assist people in need and end so much suffering that we are engaged in this collaboration.”

According to Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme David Beasley, the organization is “astonished to welcome The Weeknd to our family”. In his words, “His compassion and compassion for the world’s most hungry people truly inspire me.” There are 811 million hungry people in the world every night. Eight hundred and eleven million people sleep hungry every night, while another 270 million are nearing the brink of starvation. We must act now to stop this from happening, and we must speak up. Our hunger-fighting campaign is demanding everyone’s participation we must all pull together to avert an international catastrophe.”

Aside from the $1 million he has donated to Ethiopia, the 31-year-old singer has also donated $3 million to other causes, including $500,000 to the Covid-19 relief fund and $300,000 to an aide program for those caught up in the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.


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