Venturing into Uncharted Territory: Metro Boomin’s Foray into the Comic Book Realm with ‘The Metroverse’

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In an era where artistic boundaries are constantly being pushed, Metro Boomin, the acclaimed producer behind chart-topping albums like “We Don’t Trust You” and “We Still Don’t Trust You,” has embarked on an ambitious endeavor that transcends the realms of music. With the launch of his inaugural comic book series, “The Metroverse,” Metro Boomin is poised to captivate audiences with a narrative that seamlessly blends his musical prowess with the art of storytelling.

The Genesis of ‘The Metroverse’

Born from the fertile imagination of Metro Boomin, “The Metroverse” takes readers on a captivating journey where the lines between reality and fiction blur. The first issue, aptly titled “The Rise,” introduces us to the eponymous Metro character, a superhero-like figure tasked with confronting an ominous villain known as “The Suit,” whose nefarious plans threaten the very fabric of artistic expression.

A Collaborative Endeavor

In bringing his vision to life, Metro Boomin assembled a formidable team of collaborators, each contributing their unique talents to the project. Joshua Frankel and Patrick Stephens of Zero Zero lent their expertise in world-building, while the talented artist Vasilis Lolos breathed life into the characters and their surroundings with his masterful illustrations.

Metro Boomin, in a heartfelt statement, expressed his gratitude towards his collaborators, calling this moment “a dream come true” and praising their efforts in helping him bring his “superhero vision” to fruition.

The Metroverse: A Convergence of Art and Storytelling

Beneath the surface of “The Metroverse” lies a profound exploration of the intersection between art and storytelling. Metro Boomin’s foray into the comic book realm is a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries and challenging conventional notions of what a musician can achieve.

A Collaborative Masterpiece

The creative team behind “The Metroverse” is a veritable powerhouse of talent, each member contributing their unique skills to bring this ambitious project to life. From the masterful illustrations by Vasilis Lolos to the captivating dialogue crafted by Ryan Cady, every aspect of the comic book has been meticulously crafted to transport readers into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Moreover, the vibrant colors by Fred Stresing and the impeccable lettering by Micah Meyers add depth and dimension to the narrative, ensuring that every panel is a feast for the senses. The design and back-up story art by Vincent Kings further enriches the tapestry of “The Metroverse,” weaving together a cohesive and immersive experience for readers.

A Reflection of Metro Boomin’s Artistic Evolution

For Metro Boomin, “The Metroverse” represents a significant milestone in his artistic evolution. Having already achieved critical acclaim and commercial success with his musical endeavors, the producer has now ventured into uncharted territory, showcasing his ability to transcend genres and mediums.

Fans of Metro Boomin’s music will undoubtedly recognize the world-building strengths that have made his albums, such as the Grammy-nominated “Heroes & Villains,” so captivating. “The Metroverse” serves as a natural extension of this storytelling prowess, allowing Metro Boomin to explore new avenues of artistic expression while staying true to his distinctive voice.

The Future of ‘The Metroverse’

As the first issue of “The Metroverse” hits the shelves, fans can look forward to an exciting journey that promises to unfold over subsequent installments. With the official website poised to become the go-to destination for all things related to the comic book series, Metro Boomin and his team have laid the groundwork for an immersive and ever-expanding universe.

Embracing Multimedia Storytelling

In the age of multimedia storytelling, “The Metroverse” represents a bold step towards embracing the convergence of various art forms. By seamlessly blending music, visual art, and narrative storytelling, Metro Boomin has created a platform that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting audiences to experience a truly unique and multifaceted artistic expression.

Cultivating a Dedicated Fanbase

The limited print run of the inaugural issue is not only a strategic move to foster a sense of exclusivity but also a testament to Metro Boomin’s commitment to cultivating a dedicated fanbase. By offering a highly sought-after collector’s item, he has created a sense of anticipation and excitement among his followers, ensuring that “The Metroverse” becomes a cherished addition to their collections.


Metro Boomin’s foray into the comic book realm with “The Metroverse” is a testament to the boundless potential of artistic expression. By combining his musical prowess with the art of storytelling, he has created a narrative that promises to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of what a musician can achieve.


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