WCN KING embraces his sound and creative path in 2023

Everything can change in one second in a person’s life.

The gift of life is priceless. Celebration and cherished memories go hand in hand. Embracing his gift has been an incredible, terrifying, and indescribable journey of maturation for WCN KING. As an emerging force in the Gen Z hip-hop scene, WCN KING has earned a reputation for his unique sound and creative vision. In today’s mainstream music industry, it can be hard to find transparent, unflinching, and authentic music.

What does it mean to truly embrace your gift? WCN KING believes that staying true to his art means never compromising his creative vision. Therefore, he pours so much of himself into every track he writes. His dedication has earned him a loyal following in Gen Z culture.

There’s no one quite like WCN KING in the music industry today. Unapologetically himself, he stands out from the crowd. He differentiates himself from other Hip-Hop artists of his generation by using a unique approach.

‘Bacardi’ makes impact in Miami via iHeartRadio.

Bacardi is the latest musical creation by WCN KING, and it once again demonstrates his ability to create an epic Hip-Hop wordplay infused with fearless, unconventional energy. The lyrics in Bacardi showcase a glimpse into the life of an artist who is constantly pushing boundaries and expanding his sound.

WCN KING’s aggressive and assertive delivery makes this one of his most exciting tracks. There is no denying that Bacardi is a thrill ride from start to finish and is sure to get you nodding your head and pushing your bucket hat to the other side. A heavy rotation of ‘Bacardi’ is currently being broadcast on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI via iHeartRadio.


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