“WOP” is the new single from Baby Stone Gorillas

This year, the Baby Stone Gorillas will drop a mixtape titled The Military on February 10. Featuring 23 tracks in total, the project will be released in collaboration with Park Money Records/EMPIRE. It was over the weekend that the California rap quartet consisting of EKillaOffTheBlocck, 5Much, P4K, and Top5ivee delivered a preview of their forthcoming album. Baby Stone Gorillas video for the new track entitled “WOP” has also been released alongside the release of the accompanying track, which is directed by YourJustnTime. The first verse for the track is handled by EKillaOffTheBlocck, who spits over some synthesizer-heavy production from ROBTWO to create a kind of futuristic sound:

The Baby Stone Gorillas really made a splash in 2022 with their debut project, BABYST5XNE GORILLAS. This project featured some of the biggest names in the music industry including G Baby, Wallie The Sensei, Slumlord Trill, Youngaveli, and 1takejay. The launch of Lion-Hearted Gorillas wasn’t the end of their busy year, but just the beginning. They followed up with two additional projects, GOTDAMNIT GOD-KILLER and GOTDAMNIT BABYSTONES, both of which were joint efforts with Gotdamnitdupri.

During a recent interview, Top5ivee spoke about how it is advantageous to blend the differing personalities of four performers into one cohesive sound that has a personal touch. “Each of us has our own way of flowing, but we are all a group. Four of us make up the group. That can be combined into one and that’s the way we kill ’em because it’s four different flows in one,” he said. “Assume there is just one rapper, and that rapper has a specific flow, but they can change it up ten times if they wish, right? It’s not that there are just four of us, it’s that each of us has a different flow. There are a total of 40 flow styles; what is the number of flows we can do in each song? ”


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