1104faneto understands the price of pursing greatness in 2022

Understanding the depth of your purpose prepares a person for greatness.

Possessing a gift or talent is simple. Converting your gift into manifestation separates visionaries from armchair dreamers. Taking the road less traveled and the path of most resistance elevates a person to a supreme being.

Remaining fearless amid adversity, chaos, and uncertainty defines the mentality of a natural-born leader. Identifying your purpose is a sacred and defining moment. Millions of people never accept their divine calling. Only a select few are willing to pay the price of pursuing destiny. Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur 1104faneto was born and bred for mastery.

Major Recording Artist 1104faneto arrives at the intersection of ‘no-return.’

Being born black and a male in America requires a distinct ‘war-ready’ mentality. Life moves at a million miles per hour, and second chances aren’t given. Creating a self-made lifestyle infused with creative rap genius, opulence, and fearless energy defines the raw beauty of Hip-Hop.

1104faneto’s music creates a bridge between desperation and supremacy at the highest level. His resonant lyrics reflect the unfiltered vision of Generation Z. 1104faneto’s music diversity and global mass appeal, creating an immense fanbase. Being born at the bottom of the map, 1104faneto is cut from a different cloth.


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