41: Reshaping Brooklyn’s Drill Scene with Unparalleled Force

Brooklyn has consistently nurtured extraordinary talent within the hip-hop realm, reaffirming its status as a hub for pioneering artists. Introducing 41, an up-and-coming collective poised to make an enduring impression and ignite the music industry.

Comprising three exceptional artists—Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa—41 injects a fresh and dynamic energy into the forefront. Individually, each member has already made significant waves on Brooklyn’s streets, but united, they form an unstoppable collective ready to leave a global impact.

Their journey commenced when Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa, already established artists in their own right, found themselves collaborating in the studio. While pursuing their solo careers, they discovered a shared vision and an undeniable chemistry that laid the groundwork for their collective venture. This alliance culminated in the release of their commanding posse cut, “41 Cypher,” featuring other exceptionally talented Brooklyn artists. The track served as a testament to the collective’s boundless potential and promise.

The 41 Effect

What sets 41 apart from other groups is the diverse skill set that each member brings to the table. Kyle Richh intricately weaves narratives with his lyrical prowess, TaTa infuses infectious energy into their music, and Jenn Carter mesmerizes with her razor-sharp wordplay and lyrical dexterity. Together, their individual strengths harmoniously merge, resulting in a cohesive and dynamic sound that distinguishes them from their peers.

This year, the creative collective unveiled their highly anticipated project, 41 Ways, showcasing their evolution as a collective. The album has garnered critical acclaim, epitomizing a bold leap forward for the trio. It signifies their growth and versatility as they venture into uncharted sounds and push the boundaries of the Drill genre. Among the standout tracks, “Deuce” captivates listeners with its infectious energy, intricate wordplay, and captivating production, further amplifying 41’s artistic prowess and ingenuity.

Armed with an innovative approach and unwavering determination, 41 stands on the precipice of a meteoric rise in the music industry. Their ability to seamlessly blend their unique styles while incessantly challenging conventions sets them apart as trailblazers. As they continue to refine their craft and collaborate with other exceptional artists, 41 is destined to leave an indelible mark on the global hip-hop landscape.

Originating from the streets of Brooklyn, 41—comprising Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa—emerges as an undeniable force within the hip-hop world. Their collective unity has generated seismic waves in the Drill scene, with their latest project, 41 Ways, and the standout track, “Deuce,” showcasing their exceptional talent, chemistry, and unwavering ambition. Positioned at the forefront of the Brooklyn Drill movement, as their influence expands, their distinctive sound and undeniable impact will reverberate worldwide, firmly solidifying their place in hip-hop history. 

Keep a close eye on this unstoppable collective as they set the stage ablaze with their unparalleled energy and groundbreaking music, firmly establishing themselves as pioneers of Brooklyn Drill, leaving an indelible mark on the global hip-hop scene. For now, get familiar with the climbing collective here at Music Hype Beast! Lastly, let us know what you think!


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