A new video reflects on Khalid’s career, “Last Call”

Five years ago today, Khalid released his debut LP American Teen, a project that immediately established his career. Not only did the single “Location” become a Diamond, the album has since crossed four Platinum milestones – something that seems pretty uncommon today.

Khalid has proclaimed that as a celebration of this achievement, he will give his fans the single “Last Call,” produced by Digi. The song more or less reflects on the artist’s five-year journey:

The music video for “Last Call” also pays homage to Khalid’s past works, including the words “scenic drive” that appear on the ground as well as the van that appears on Khalid’s Free Spirit artwork. As a result of all of this, viewers can view Khalid enjoying a ride in the mountains and see classic footage of the star of the music video “Young Dumb & Broke” during his aforementioned meteoric rise to fame.

According to reports, the songs “Last Call” and “New Normal” are among those that will be featured on Khalid’s upcoming album, Everything Is Changing, the idea for which, as Khalid revealed in a previous statement, came from being isolated for the last few years:

My new album, ‘New Normal,’ draws upon the feelings I experienced during the influenza pandemic and the effects that quarantine had on me and my friends. everything is changing takes that one step further with songs about finding purpose and self in an emotionally disconnected world where we are all interconnected but disconnected emotionally.


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