In the new Better Thangs video, Ciara and Summer Walker have a blast.

5th October 2022 — Ciara returned last week with a bang, releasing the upbeat new single “Better Thangs,” which stars Summer Walker. Over the weekend, she quickly followed up by releasing the music video for it, which has the group working with upcoming director Mia Barnes. The upbeat video shows them spending the day together swimming, dancing, and hanging out with their daughters. Ciara’s carefree attitude is expressed in the song’s opening lines:
“Lately, I been livin’ my life, I don’t pay the hate no mind/Doin’ better things with my time, yeah, elevated to a new height (Height), never do the same thing twice (Twice)/Puttin’ all the lames on ice, yeah, I been sippin’ on this drink, I ain’t got no complaints/ Cici in her lane. Eventually, they come around/ You can say I’m livin’ the dream, only winners on my team (Oh), you ain’t gotta check up on me, I got everything I need (Ah)/ Better things, better things, all new еverything.”
Recently I’ve just been enjoying life, ignoring the haters. I’m elevating how I spend my time on a new level, doing things differently each time, and having a better time overall. As I sit here and enjoy this drink with no complaints, I see a bartender putting all the lames on ice. Cici stays in her lane, and everyone else follows suit. You could say I’m living the good life; I have nothing to complain about and surround myself with successful people. Everything is better than ever before.
Ciara recently talked about the new video’s message in an interview with Zane Lowe. “You feel the greatest feminine feelings with us in this video,” she said. All are having a pleasant time. All are having a good time. Our collective strength is palpable to you. Aside from the main character, the video also features several other female dancers and performers. I met her because she’s on the rise, and I know Dave Meyers, who directed the “Better Thangs” video.
Ciara’s most recent album is 2019’s Beauty Marks, which comprises 11 songs and has appearances from Macklemore, Tekno, and Kelly Rowland. Tracks like “Level Up” are showcased heavily on Beauty Marks.


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