Cardi B’s Vegas Mic Toss: An Unforgettable Music Night

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Cardi B, an iconic figure in the music industry, recently found herself in the spotlight once again. This time, it wasn’t for her chart-topping hits but for an unexpected incident that took place during one of her performances in Las Vegas.

A Heated Performance in Vegas

During a fiery performance in the heart of the Sin City, Cardi B made a move that left everyone in shock. In the midst of her set, right under the glaring Vegas lights and surrounded by a sea of fans, Cardi B did something that nobody saw coming – she tossed her microphone into the crowd.

The Unexpected Mic Toss

The act of throwing her microphone was not part of the performance plan. It was an impromptu reaction that Cardi herself admitted was quick and unplanned.

“It was really, like, a quick reaction,” Cardi said during an interview with The Breakfast Club. “And let me tell you, I didn’t want to address it because I thought I was going to jail, but I’m not.”

This incident, which grabbed major headlines in the music news, created a stir among her fans and critics alike. Many wondered what caused the star, known for her vivacious performances and bold persona, to make such a move.

The Heat of the Moment

As Cardi B recollected the event, she mentioned that the day of her performance was extraordinarily hot. In order to cool down, she had earlier asked her fans to gently splash her with water.

“It was hot as hell on that day,” she recalled. “There was a part of the show where I told people, ‘splash me.’ But even when I asked people to ‘splash me,’ I was like, ‘be careful with the face.'”

However, the mic toss incident took place much later in her set, almost “15 or 20 minutes” after the splash segment. It was a reaction to a fan who threw water and ice on Cardi B’s face.

“This person threw water and ice on my face so I just automatically reacted,” Cardi explained. “I didn’t even know that I was throwing it in that direction. I just threw the mic because, it’s like, you hit me right in my face.”

A Feeling of Violation

The unexpected splash not only startled Cardi B but also made her feel violated. She pointed out that nothing hit her face when she requested a gentle splashing earlier in her performance.

“I felt very violated,” she added.

The Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne, tried to downplay the incident by calling the woman who splashed Cardi B a “fan.” However, Cardi B disagreed.

“[She] was just trying to be funny, but hahaha, I’m hilarious,” she retorted.

The Aftermath of the Mic Toss

In the aftermath of the mic toss, the actual microphone used by Cardi B found its way to eBay. The proceeds from the sale of the microphone were set to go towards two charities – Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project.

However, the winning bid of nearly $100,000 fell through when the bidder failed to make good on the purchase. This left many fans and followers disappointed, as they were looking forward to contributing to a good cause while owning a piece of music history.

The Bigger Picture

While the Vegas mic toss incident is a notable event in Cardi B’s career, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture. Amid the controversy, Cardi B was also promoting her new collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, the follow-up to their hit song “WAP.”

The promotion was a whirlwind, with Cardi B making appearances everywhere, including her stop at The Breakfast Club where the mic toss incident was discussed. Despite the controversy, Cardi B remains an influential figure in the music industry, known for her boldness and fearlessness.


Cardi B’s Vegas mic toss was indeed an unexpected event in what was otherwise an ordinary concert night. However, it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of live performances and the passion that drives artists like Cardi B. Despite the controversy, Cardi B continues to reign as a queen of the music industry, unafraid to express herself and stand her ground.


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