D Double E Unveils His Charm in the New Single “Ghetto Love Story”

D Double E, the esteemed Newham MC, has just dropped his latest single, “Ghetto Love Story”. This new release is accompanied by a set of lavish and romantic visuals, showcasing yet another facet of this versatile artist.

A Glimpse into the “Ghetto Love Story”

The song, produced by TenBillion Dreams, allows D Double E to slip into a different mode – that of a loverman. Aided by the light and silky-smooth instrumental from TBD, DEE charmingly woos that special someone with his unique overtures.

D Double E

“The perfect backing for DEE’s charming overtures to that special someone.”

The Visual Element

The visuals for “Ghetto Love Story” are equally captivating, handled by the filmmaking duo Femi Oyeniran & Nicky SlimTing. They portray the dapper rhymer as a romantic lead, turning on the charm for his love interest in a palatial mansion.

Ghetto Love Story Visuals

D Double E – The Loverman

D Double E’s transition into a loverman mode is both surprising and refreshing. His usual hard-hitting rhymes give way to softer, more melodic verses in “Ghetto Love Story”. The change in style is a testament to the artist’s versatility and willingness to experiment.

TenBillion Dreams – The Producer

The instrumental for the track is the work of TenBillion Dreams. Their creation is light as a feather and silky-smooth, perfectly complementing D Double E’s charming overtures.

Femi Oyeniran & Nicky SlimTing – The Visual Magicians

The visuals for “Ghetto Love Story” are the brainchild of Femi Oyeniran & Nicky SlimTing. Their vision casts D Double E in a new light, showcasing him as a romantic lead. The result is a visually stunning music video that enhances the song’s appeal.

A Busy Year for D Double E

The release of “Ghetto Love Story” follows a busy year for the grime legend, who has been featured on recent drops from P Money, Steel Banglez, and emerging Reading artist Songer. He also released his own high-grade banger “Mobb Mentality” with Jme, Smila, Jammer, Shorty, LayZ, Blittz, Novelist, Jus Jammin, and Off Endz.

Public Response

The response to “Ghetto Love Story” has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have praised D Double E’s new direction and the song’s smooth production. The visuals have also been well-received, with many highlighting their lavish and romantic nature.

The Future for D Double E

If “Ghetto Love Story” is any indicator, the future looks bright for D Double E. His ability to shift gears and try new styles is an asset in the ever-changing music landscape. Fans can look forward to more innovative and engaging music from this talented artist.

Listen to “Ghetto Love Story”

The song is available on all major music streaming platforms. Listen to the track and let the smooth sounds of D Double E take you on a romantic journey. Don’t forget to add the song to your playlists!


In conclusion, D Double E’s “Ghetto Love Story” is a testament to the artist’s versatility and creative vision. From the smooth production by TenBillion Dreams to the lavish visuals by Femi Oyeniran & Nicky SlimTing, every element of the release showcases the best of D Double E. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to his music, “Ghetto Love Story” is a must-listen.


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